Six easy steps to Intelligent Drafting 

ClarilisTM is the only drafting platform designed by lawyers for lawyers. Our deep knowledge of legal practice ensures that your implementation of ClarilisTM is a straightforward and seamless process.


1. Assess

We begin every new client relationship with an assessment phase. We map your precedent bank, measure usage and understand the firm’s drafting workflows to get a ‘real world’ understanding of your practice.


2. Design

Using the intelligence gathered in the assessment stage, we design an implementation strategy that delivers the greatest benefit to your practice and the maximum return on your investment.


3. Automate

We work closely with your team to implement the strategic precedents. Our expertise is in helping firms migrate smoothly to better ways of working, helping manage the culture and process change involved.


4. Familiarisation

The platform has an intuitive interface. A first time user can become highly proficient with less than 30 minutes of familiarisation. Following familiarisation, our support team remain on call to provide any assistance that may be required.


5. Improve

We regularly review your use of the platform and where necessary recommend ways to further optimise your drafting. Iterative improvements ensure a rapid and sustained return on your investment.


6. Support

Our background as practising lawyers means we have a deep understanding of the way law firms and in-house departments operate. This understanding allows us to provide your team with unparalleled service and support, ensuring you get the maximum return from working with ClarilisTM.

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