Simpler, smarter, scalable and secure 
– drafting the ClarilisTM way 

While some software solutions can take months to deploy, ClarilisTM can be deployed and delivering benefits within a matter of weeks.  Using ClarilisTM isn’t just about improving your efficiency, it also delivers a range of other key benefits to your practice.

Quality, consistency and control

ClarilisTM is the equivalent of using your most senior fee-earners on every single document you produce.

Eliminated under billing

Automating the drafting process increases the quality of your output and gives you certainty as to the time required to draft suites of documents. Removing this variable allows more accurate cost forecasting and facilitates new charging structures.

Fast deployment

Because ClarilisTM has all the skill sets you need, your fee-earners are purely used for review and approval, saving weeks or months of delay in the automation process.

IT light

ClarilisTM requires no IT support for installation or maintenance and can be integrated seamlessly with your existing systems.

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