Partner with Clarilis for innovation and stronger client relationships

Deliver contract automation to your clients, provided and supported by us, to enrich your offering and add greater value.


We take a fully flexible approach to working with you

Our goal is to enhance the client-firm relationship. You remain focussed on providing high-quality advice and bespoke solutions to your clients, while Clarilis delivers and implements the automation technology to guarantee a successful outcome.

White-label partner

We can work behind the scenes as your technology partner, allowing your firm to deliver innovative automation solutions directly to your clients, on a white-label basis. In this scenario, the Clarilis platform and implementation teams work on the technology, while all client communication is handled by you.


Named partner

Alternatively, we can take a more active role, operating alongside your firm, and engaging directly with your client. We would provide a managed service and client- or firm-branded portal. The client may instruct Clarilis directly, but your firm would continue to provide the relevant contracts and related advice.


Featured partner: TLT

TLT partners with Clarilis to enable its clients to benefit from the best-in-class automated contract drafting platform. The Clarilis platform forms an integral part of an end-to-end document and contract automation offering, allowing TLT’s clients to generate contracts in-house in a highly efficient and compliant manner.

TLT is a top 50 UK law firm

“There are a number of benefits including the time savings around producing a good quality first draft of a document, the reduction of unrecoverable hours, and strengthening client relationships.”

Sarah Vickery, Head of Knowledge Management, TLT

See how the Clarilis intelligent drafting platform works with a product demonstration

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