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Tied up with document drafting? Time for in-house legal teams to discover a new approach.

Return on the Lawyer (ROL) is about using technology to optimise your time and workload, so Legal can deliver maximum value to the business.


Cut turnaround times. Drive deal velocity. Increase strategic value.

In-house legal teams are under pressure to be more productive, more efficient, and more strategic. But how can they rise to the challenge when so much time is taken up in routine document drafting? This eGuide shows a better way to work: intelligent drafting technology.

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  • Why increasing Return on the Lawyer (ROL) greatly boosts what Legal can do
  • The trouble with manual drafting (and why traditional document automation is not the solution)
  • How intelligent drafting technology helps in-house legal teams speed up turnaround, mitigate risk, support growth, and increase strategic value to the business
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More about this eGuide

Increasing Return on the Lawyer (ROL) means optimising lawyers’ time and workload to realise maximum value from the in-house legal team. It holds the key to increasing efficiency and transforming the relationship between Legal and the rest of the company.

What will you learn in the eGuide?

Discover how intelligent drafting technology completely changes the game for in-house legal teams, vastly increasing turnaround speed, productivity, efficiency, and optimisation of lawyers’ time. Legal can take its rightful place as a strategic driver of business success.

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