With intelligent document drafting, in-house legal teams can cut turnaround time, drive deal velocity, and deliver greater strategic value to the business

Billions of hours, and pounds, are wasted on contract drafting every year. Intelligent drafting brings speed, efficiency and consistency to the contracting process. More importantly, it frees lawyers to spend less time on the routine and mechanical aspects of drafting and more time on adding value to the business.  It also provides Legal teams with a greater control over their contracts, better risk management and compliance.  This all contributes to more qualitative benefits such as brand reputation and customer satisfaction.


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Intelligent drafting

By using intelligent drafting, you enable controlled growth, scaling volumes of work without compromising quality or accuracy.

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Speed to automation

Rapid deployment leads to rapid time to value.  We guarantee delivery of our automation projects on time and providing a solid ROI.

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Fully managed service

Benefit from our multi-skilled team led by our experienced PSLs who develop, implement, and manage your automation projects for you.