By Grace Hart November 10, 2020

Innovation in drafting automation: Clarilis and FromCounsel partnership

Innovation in drafting automation: Clarilis and FromCounsel partnership

FromCounsel, the specialist corporate law information service and Clarilis, the intelligent drafting automation platform, have today announced an innovative partnership to combine FromCounsel’s best-in-class legal documents and commentary with Clarilis’ leading drafting automation platform to bring a new automated M&A document suite to the market.

Together, FromCounsel and Clarilis offer knowledge and automation services to over 100 leading UK and US firms and this new offering represents a significant move to increase the adoption of drafting automation in the marketplace. FromCounsel harnesses the collective knowledge and experience of pre-eminent barristers from Erskine Chambers and a team of experienced professional support lawyers. Clarilis brings its highly regarded drafting automation platform and an experienced implementation team led by its own team of professional support lawyers.

FromCounsel and Clarilis will first focus on bringing deep automation of a sophisticated M&A document suite to the corporate market, targeted at law firms, accountants and large corporates. This M&A suite will be released in Q1 2021. The new offering will include fully maintained automated legal documents, together with comprehensive drafting guidance.

The new platform will not only appeal to the larger UK law firms, accountants and corporates, but also to smaller law firms and organisations for whom document automation solutions have been prohibitively expensive to date.

Andrew Thornton QC, CEO of FromCounsel, said:
"We are really excited to partner with Clarilis to help drive greater efficiency in the legal market.  We see huge potential in bringing fully maintained, high-quality automated legal documents to the broader market, including the many smaller firms that don't currently have the same access to resources as the larger firms."

James Quinn, CEO at Clarilis, added:

“We have always been impressed by the quality of FromCounsel’s precedents and the depth of its guidance. Clarilis automation combined with FromCounsel content is a really exciting proposition as it will help to bring down the cost of sophisticated first draft production for a wide range of M&A transactions, and ongoing precedent maintenance costs."
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