In-house legal departments become drivers of business success with Clarilis

Discover a structured, well-controlled way to draft complex contracts accurately and efficiently. The result is high-quality work, delivered fast. The ideal intelligent drafting solution for in-house legal teams.

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In-house legal teams cut turnaround time, drive deal velocity, and deliver greater strategic value

Our team of professional support lawyers (PSLs), document analysts, and document automators develop, implement, and manage your automation projects for you. This includes testing, merging, and updating of templates enabling Legal to focus on meeting the needs of the business more efficiently and effectively.


Increase speed of contracting

Eliminate approval bottlenecks and enable faster document tailoring, delivery and turnaround, reducing the timeline for business transactions.

Mitigate risk and ensure compliance

Ensure consistently high quality, accurate legal documents are produced every time across the business, using approved language and content.

Enable the business to self-serve

Improve productivity by letting the business create their own documents in a controlled environment. Legal can review agreements by exception only, leaving more time to add strategic value.

Benefits for In-house Legal teams:

Support growth

By using intelligent automation, you enable controlled growth, scaling volumes of work without compromising quality or accuracy.

Demonstrate ROI

Detailed reporting and insights will show you exactly where your time and efficiency savings are being made with Clarilis.

Provide an easy-to-use solution

Drive quick user adoption thanks to the platform’s accessibility, highly intuitive user interface, and full customer support.

“As 123Dentist continues on its rapid growth trajectory, the legal team was looking for ways to automate some of its necessary but repetitive contract-related work as it continues to onboard new dental practices. The two main drivers for choosing Clarilis’ deep automation of the associate services agreements were efficiency and risk mitigation. With Clarilis we want to liberate the legal team from time consuming tasks, while being able to safely re-allocate the work to non-legal staff who are guided to the right outcome.”
Stephen Abrahamson, Vice President and
General Counsel, 123Dentist

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Discover how in-house legal teams are achieving success with Clarilis

Save time, reduce risk and add value

“It’s opened our eyes to all the opportunities and other parts of the business are now looking to us to point the way forward.”

Sarah Airey

Head of HR, Biffa

Great input results in great output!

“Make sure you choose a contract that is right for automation and you will quickly realise the benefits and can grow and build from there.”

Zoe Morrissey

Legal Business Partner, National Grid

Unlocking tech-positivity

“Clarilis started a lot more conversations around what kind of tech we could be using in our business to improve our operational processes.”

Stephen Abrahamson

Vice President and General Counsel, 123Dentist

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