By Clarilis Administrator October 13, 2020

Clarilis and TLT launch Intelligent Drafting Solution

Clarilis and TLT launch Intelligent Drafting Solution

Clarilis and TLT are partnering together to deliver more value to in-house legal teams through their newly launched ‘Intelligent Drafting’ solution.

The contract drafting solution provides in-house lawyers with accurate, well-drafted contracts quickly and efficiently, by offering an off-the-shelf product which automates the most commonly used commercial, technology, data processing, employment and real estate contracts.

Intelligent Drafting combines TLT assured documents with Clarilis’ automated drafting technology into one easy to use drafting solution. It offers in-house legal team increased efficiency in the drafting of contracts and delivers improved risk mitigation and control through the use of TLT assured templates and precedents. The solution will be available in three flexible options to best meet clients’ needs and budget.    

James Touzel, Partner and Head of Digital at TLT, said:

“Our clients are under increasing pressure to find efficiencies across the in-house legal function, and we're please to share the solutions we use at TLT to help them with that task.  We're pleased to be strengthening our partnership with Clarilis by answering a real client need through our new Intelligent Drafting solution, and offering technology-driven solutions that bring together Clarilis' technical expertise with TLT's legal service."

James Quinn, CEO at Clarilis, commented:

“This solution helps legal departments dramatically speed up the contracting process, by providing an easy way to prepare legal documents that reduces risk and frees up the legal team to focus on higher value activities.  Clients love the combined approach here, which delivers a solution, rather than just a technology."
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