By Molly Alcock September 30, 2021

Clarilis is proud to sponsor Legal Geek 2021

Clarilis is proud to sponsor Legal Geek 2021

Clarilis is delighted to be sponsoring this years Legal Geek Conference taking place over the 5th and 6th October 2021. Legal Geek brings lawyers and technology together and provides insight into the legal tech industry.

Clarilis’ CEO James Quinn will be taking part in a Q&A session with Burges Salmon’s Banking and Finance Partner, Rachael Ruane, and Innovation Manager, Emma Sorrell. The session will be taking place at the balloon stage at 1.20pm on Tuesday 5th October and will explore the tangible impact innovation can have for firms if the culture, behaviours and mindset are supportive and how choosing the right innovation partner is key.

Progressive firms adopting legal technology are setting themselves apart from the rest by making themselves desirable to new and upcoming talent. Join Clarilis and Burges Salmon to hear about their innovation success story in a complex transactional area and the impact it has had on the firm.

Independent law firm, Burgess Salmon, is embracing new technologies. Their progressive culture is helping to drive an environment that will ensure their innovation flourishes, in turn helping to change the delivery and efficiency of legal services.

Not only will Clarilis be taking part in a Q&A session, Paul Dansey, our Customer Success Consultant, will be delivering a short pitch on Wednesday 6th October at 1.24pm. The pitch will explore what is meant by deep automation, and how the Clarilis platform gives firms a competitive edge.

To find out more about the sessions and how to register for Legal Geek, follow the link.

For more details on the impact the Clarilis platform and managed service can have on your practice, book a demo today.

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