Clarilis heads to the US for Legal Geek North America

Clarilis heads to the US for Legal Geek North America

July 3, 2019

Grace Hart

Clarilis’ CEO and Co-Founder James Quinn took to the stage at Legal Geek’s inaugural North America conference last week. The event featured over 450 attendees from all over the world including the US, Canada, Mexico and the UK. Having such a mix of lawyers, legal technologists, tech companies, leading industry figures and entrepreneurs made for a fantastic day for sharing ideas and best practice. With over 60 speakers the focus was on practical examples and interesting use cases of legal technology with no boring powerpoints allowed!

James presented his talk to a packed audience on the ‘Innovation’ stage. His TED style talk covered what we’re seeing in terms of the use of document automation in the UK by law firms and in-house legal departments and how you actually go about implementing document automation tools.

The main theme of his presentation was the importance of delivering a solid ROI, regardless of the LegalTech in question, and how that can only be truly understood if you know the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) over time.

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