By Grace Hart May 24, 2019

Clarilis partners with TLT LLP to provide end-to-end document automation

Clarilis partners with TLT LLP to provide end-to-end document automation

TLT and Clarilis are working together to enable businesses to automate their document and contract creation process, by combining the market leading document automation solution from Clarilis with the end-to-end document and contract automation solution now offered by TLT.

Clarilis enables in-house lawyers to improve the speed, quality and value of their document and contract process with a questionnaire-based solution that automatically produces documents in line with the company's precedents and rules, supported by a managed service.

Clarilis will deploy its intelligent document automation platform and managed service to TLT clients alongside other TLT solutions for clients wishing to self-serve contracts in-house, from creation, review and negotiation to storage and analytics.

The partnership with Clarilis, which TLT uses in its own business, means the firm now offers an end-to-end contract as a service platform, combining solutions from TLT's technology partners with its own legal services, empowering clients to do more contract work in-house.

The TLT platform includes TLT LegalSifter, a software-as-a-service solution that combines market leading artificial intelligence from LegalSifter Inc with in-built legal advice from TLT to review and advise on contracts.

James Touzel, Partner and Head of Digital at TLT said:

“We have always believed that we should share with our clients the solutions we deploy within our own business that increase efficiency and consistency and manage risk.
Clients are under significant pressure to do more with less and to find ways of improving efficiencies across the in-house legal function. Law firms need to be on the front foot, offering technology-driven solutions for today's technology-driven businesses. Partnering with the best technology providers in the market and bringing together their solutions with our legal services, gives clients a best of breed solution designed to answer a real need.
Clarilis has exceeded our expectations with our own implementation of their solution and together we can add significant value to our clients."

John Lillie, Commercial Director at Clarilis, added:

“TLT has always stood out as an early adopter of leading technology and is always thinking about the best way to meet the needs of its clients. We have a shared vision to transform the way in-house legal teams create and manage documents and deliver further value to their businesses, and I am looking forward to working closer together with TLT.”
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