By Grace Hart January 29, 2021

Webinar: how does automation fit in the digital transformation jigsaw?

Webinar: how does automation fit in the digital transformation jigsaw?

Challenging times call for new solutions

In-house legal teams are always under extreme pressure to cut costs and operate more efficiently, amid increasing regulation, economic uncertainty, and an ever-expanding workload— and this is all amplified by the pandemic. Companies today expect the department to act as a commercial function that not only drives economic value for the business, but also adds strategic value.

In-house legal teams can no longer afford to spend large amounts of time on routine document drafting. This is slowing down transactions, creating risk, and severely limiting the legal team’s ability to deliver on its strategic potential for the business.

Join us at this webinar on 12th February at 1pm for a panel discussion on legal document automation featuring Clarilis' CEO James QuinnJames Touzel, Head of Future Law at TLT LLP, Amy Brookbanks, Head of Legal Operations at Ocado, Simon Drane, MD at Earlsferry Advisory and Sarah Airey, Head of HR Projects at Biffa Waste Services.

The panel will consider what we saw in 2020 in terms of digital transformation for businesses, the demands this placed on in-house legal teams and where automation fits in all this.  There will also be a case study from Biffa Waste services on how they automated their employment contracts and the benefits that has had on the business.  

Further details on how to register can be found here.  

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Deep automation delivers to the bottom line

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