Industry Insights: The Future is Bright...the Future is Automation

Industry Insights: The Future is Bright...the Future is Automation

March 31, 2021

Grace Hart

Clarilis and TLT hosted a recent session with Alternative Events entitled 'The future is bright..the future is automation.' The webinar focused on how automation can help in-house legal teams address the challenge of doing more with less whilst improving legal’s productivity and ability to add value to the business. 

Discussion centred around those organisations that had already embraced automation technology prior to the pandemic and looked at how they were able to support their organisations more efficiently when it came to the additional influx of work that had resulted from the pandemic.

Amy Brookbanks, Head of Legal Operations at Ocado and Sarah Airey, Head of Human Resource Projects at Biffa shared their experiences of automation and the impact that it has had, not only only on the legal team, but also on the wider business. 

Alongside the time and efficiency savings, from our perspective, the more powerful benefits of automation are around consistency, quality and releasing lawyers to focus on strategic work which
can be difficult to quantify but really where we have seen a huge benefit.”

Top 3 takeaways from the event:

  1. Not all transformation needs to be digital; tech is an enabler, not the objective itself. But if you are embracing a digital future, technology can be the key catalyst for helping you change and deliver on that.
  2. Collaboration is key. Treat your law firms as trusted advisors to help you navigate through the noise that surrounds LegalTech.
  3. First use cases need to give enough ROI to make the business say ‘we need to get more of this’.

Read the full report here.

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