The Future Lawyer Week Conference

The Future Lawyer Week Conference

April 17, 2019

Grace Hart

What does the future hold for tomorrow’s lawyers? Join Clarilis at the upcoming Future Lawyer Week Conference May 28-30 in London to find out.

Clarilis’ focus is on the adoption and successful implementation of legal technology that adds value and provides a solid ROI. The Future Lawyer Week event embodies that, cutting through the hype and focusing on real-life applications and practical examples, so we are really excited to be headline sponsors at this event and showcasing our market leading document automation platform.

At Clarilis, we believe that with legal technology it’s not a case of ‘if’ technology will handle a particular task it’s ‘when’ it will handle that task. All of the routine and mechanical aspects of legal practice will be gone. The CLARILIS document automation platform has been designed to streamline the drafting process; allowing lawyers to focus on where they can add the greatest value – in client relations and in providing advice rather than the mechanical and routine aspects of drafting.

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