FromCounsel Share Reorganisation Suites

Following the success of their award-winning automated M&A suite, FromCounsel and Clarilis have launched a collection of comprehensively automated Share Reorganisation suites based on common share capital reorganisation actions.

Clarilis and FromCounsel provide deep automation of comprehensive share reorganisation suites

The solution combines exceptional documentation from FromCounsel’s team of pre-eminent barristers at Erskine Chambers and experienced PSLs, with automation by Clarilis. The documentation and automation are both fully maintained.

This launch offers substantial automation of share transfers, variations of class rights, share issues, share buybacks, reductions of capital, redesignations of capital and articles of association.  These automated suites contain extensive optionality, far beyond the level seen in most traditional 'flat' precedents.

The first phase of our alliance proved that standardisation can be achieved to enable firms to quickly deliver high quality documentation, minimise risk and provide employees with the best tools. We will continue to extend the range of documentation available with Clarilis, on behalf of law firms of all sizes and look forward to the next phase of pre-automated content in the form of the complex documentation within the Shareholders agreement suite.
Andy Thornton, QC CEO, FromCounsel
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These suites of course offer the recognised automation benefits of consistency, time savings and increased lawyer capacity. With process driven corporate actions such as those covered in this phase, the additional benefit of error and risk reduction is enhanced with the automation guiding users through the relevant legal requirements

This is another significant next step forward in the commitment of Clarilis and FromCounsel to deliver standardisation in legal as an enabler for accelerated LegalTech adoption.
James Quinn, CEO, Clarilis
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Download our Automated Share Reorganisation Suites Factsheet

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What's included in theShare Reorganisation Suites?

Our latest release is a series of pre-automated share reorganisation suites – a package of more than 100 deep automated documents covering everything from share issue, share transfer and share buyback, variation of class rights to Companies House forms and articles of association.

  • Share Transfer Suite
  • Variation of Class Rights Suite
  • Articles of Association Suite
  • Share Issue Suite
  • Share Buyback Suite
  • Consolidation & Sub-Division Suite
  • Reduction of Share Capital Suite
  • Redesignation of Shares Suite
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Why Automate?

  • Drastically reduce drafting time
  • Improve margins via enhanced efficiency
  • Increase capacity in busy teams
  • Remove risk via compliance with strict legislative requirements
  • Maintain exceptional drafting standards by using best-in-class documentation
  • Assist retention and recruitment
  • Enhance client relationships by delivering a superior and agile service
  • Enable delegation in a risk-mitigated environment
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Solution Differentiators

  • Precedents and knowledge from FromCounsel, the first-rate service favoured by leading firms
  • Market-leading automation from Clarilis, with unmatched breadth and depth
  • Fully maintained documentation, automation and guidance
  • Drafting notes and expert guidance linked throughout enabling seamless access
  • Available off-the-shelf, with no implementation required
  • House styling options available
  • Rigorous security measures and protocols
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FromCounsel and Clarilis Webinar:
Automated Share Reorganisation Suites

Clarilis and FromCounsel held a webinar to offer a preview of our pre-automated Share Reorganisation Suites. The Share Reorganisation Suites are focused on reorganisations and documenting changes to shares and share capital and capital maintenance.

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