Innovation in drafting automation: Clarilis and FromCounsel partnership

Automated M&A document suite combining FromCounsel’s best-in-class legal documents and knowledge with Clarilis’ leading drafting automation platform

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Expert content and guidance combined with a deep level of automation

Harnessing the expert knowledge and experience of pre-eminent barristers from Erskine Chambers and their team of experienced professional support lawyers, together with Clarilis’ powerful automation platform, Clarilis and FromCounsel are bringing deep automation of a sophisticated M&A document suite to the corporate market, targeted at law firms, accountants and large corporates. The new offering will include fully maintained automated legal documents, together with comprehensive drafting guidance.

M&A Transaction Documents

Preliminary Documents include:

  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Exclusivity Agreement
  • Heads of Terms
  • Legal due diligence questionnaire

SPA Documents include:

  • SPA - Conditional
  • SPA - Simultaneous
  • SPA - Seller-friendly
  • Completion accounts modules (net asset value or cash free/debt free)
  • Locked-box module
  • Guarantee module
  • Retention accounts module
  • Consideration shares/loan notes module
  • Tax Deed module
FromCounsel documents

Ancillary Documents

Ancillary documents include:

  • Contribution Agreement
  • Documents list
  • Disclosure Letter
  • Power of attorney - Pre-registration security
  • Stock transfer form - Fully paid
  • Indemnity for lost share certificate
  • Share certificate
  • Resignation letter - Director
  • Resignation letter - Secretary
  • Auditor’s resignation letter - private co (acquisition)
  • Board minutes – Buyer
  • Board minutes - Seller
  • Board minutes – Buyer: Completion
  • Board minutes – Seller: Completion
  • Board minutes - Target
  • Board minutes - Target subsidiary
  • Companies House Forms
FromCounsel Ancillaries

“We are really excited to partner with Clarilis to help drive greater efficiency in the legal market. We see huge potential in bringing fully maintained, high-quality automated legal documents to the broader market, including the many smaller firms that don’t currently have the same access to resources as the larger firms.”

Andrew Thornton QC, CEO, FromCounsel

Clarilis and FromCounsel: for a deep automation of sophisticated M&A suites

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