Clarilis and TLT for Intelligent Drafting

An intelligent drafting solution, to help you prepare contracts and other legal documents with ease, quicker and with less risk - delivering better outcomes for your business.


TLT assured legal documents with Clarilis’ powerful platform

Drafting contracts for your business can be a time consuming, disjointed and lengthy process, requiring a lot of in-house lawyer time. Successful businesses need accurate, well drafted contracts, prepared in a fast and efficient way. Often limited resources, constrained budgets and a lack of integrated technology and expertise, can make meeting these expectations a challenge. TLT Intelligent Drafting combines TLT assured legal documents with Clarilis’ automated drafting technology in one easy-to-use drafting solution.


We offer three flexible options to suit your budget and needs:

  • TLT Drafter: A TLT quality precedent, automated with Clarilis technology, enabling you to populate and generate a comprehensive agreement with core commercial and related information.
  • TLT Drafter+: TLT Drafter with deeper automation and ancillary documents (where applicable). Also, the option of applying your own house-style and branding.
  • TLT Drafter Bespoke: The automation of your own document templates (or a document template developed for you by TLT) and a uniquely configured version of Clarilis technology for your unique needs 

TLT Drafter and TLT Drafter+ include automation of the most commonly used commercial, technology, data processing, employment and real estate contracts.



Automation helps Biffa
reduce business waste one contract at a time

How Clarilis and TLT made a difference

“It wasn't until we began working with TLT and they mentioned contract automation that we realised the potential it could have for us at Biffa.”


Clarilis and TLT: An intelligent drafting solution

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