Powerful, user-friendly, and technologically advanced features to automate complex drafting

Discover how the features of the Clarilis platform deliver faster, more accurate drafting, liberating lawyers to focus on higher value strategic work.

Designed and developed by lawyers and automation experts, the Clarilis platform is a combination of deep legal knowledge and market-leading technology

Intelligent, intuitive, and inspired, our platform drafts entire suites of documents in a fraction of the time it would normally take, pioneering an industry-leading global change.

Powerful and comprehensive

Matter-focussed approach

Focuses on modelling an entire matter, so you can draft entire suites of complex documents from a single questionnaire.

Non-linear path

Users are not restricted on the order in which information has to be entered, promoting adoption and usage.

Powerful inter-document cross-references

Cross-references both within and between documents in the same suite are automatically created and updated.


User-friendly for complex drafting

Rules-based questionnaire

Structured, dynamic, and intelligent questionnaires provide guidance to users, following rules for quality and risk control.

Speed and accuracy features

Information-gathering from external data sources, intelligent footnotes, gating questions, entity type selection, and drafting notes are all built-in to aid users.

Easy to review work

The summary feature shows salient questions and highlights provided/missing answers, aiding delegation and review.


Accessibility and insights

Browser-based access

Intuitive user interface encourages strong user adoption, ensuring you get the full benefits of automation.

Client accessibility

Empower clients with access to Clarilis, enabling them to provide information directly and streamline the process.

Detailed insights

Monthly management reports provide insights on how the platform is being utilised, by whom, and the benefits achieved.


Intelligent automation

Rules-based automation

The automation engine understands legal documents, delivering optimal automation and achieving rapid time-to-value.

Structured data model

Unlike other document automation toolkits, the Clarilis platform leverages a highly structured data model to power complex automations.

Extensive boilerplating

Efficiency is promoted by intelligent reuse, allowing greater speed-to-value and ease of maintenance.


Powerful, secure technology


No Microsoft Word integration required

The questionnaire is situated outside of Microsoft Word, and therefore no plug-ins are required.

Little or no IT involvement

Easy to implement, with minimal involvement from your IT department, thanks to the user-friendly browser-based platform.

Enterprise-level security

Hosted on dedicated servers in a UK Tier 3+ data centre, Clarilis is ISO27001:2013-certified by BSI.

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Easy to implement

“We’ve been delighted with how easy the software is to use, set up, configure and update.”

Emma Jackson

Client Innovation Advisor, Mills & Reeve

Regular updates

“Each time a new transactional document is generated, the most up-to-date version of our precedent sits behind it.”

Miri Stickland

Knowledge Development Lawyer, Forsters


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