Leave simple document automation toolkits behind and embrace intelligent drafting

Clarilis automates to a deeper level than existing document automation toolkits, getting you to a high quality first draft significantly faster.


Clarilis is built for handling complex legal drafting with ease

Many automation toolkits focus on simple documents such as basic NDAs, but struggle to automate anything more complex. Clarilis is different.

Matter-focussed intelligent drafting

Unlike traditional document automation toolkits, the Clarilis platform models legal matters as a whole. Users respond to a dynamic questionnaire, which the platform uses to automatically draft all the relevant documents and ancillaries.

Questions are optional and can be answered in a non-linear fashion, empowering the user to enter information as they require, rather than being forced to answer questions in a strictly prescribed order.


Intuitive and user-friendly, encouraging adoption

Clarilis has a powerful UI designed to encourage adoption, enabling fast, accurate, quality drafting while managing risk and ensuring compliance.

A structured approach allows the rules-based questionnaire to capture best practice and drive consistency.


Deep automation

Unlike simple document automation toolkits, Clarilis takes a more intelligent approach adopting a highly structured data model approach coupled with a fully developed rules-based automation engine.

The comprehensive data model understands legal documents, as well as how data relates. This increases speed to value, as the platform delivers optimal automation from the beginning.


Easy to set up and use

The platform is easy to implement, with minimal involvement from your IT department, thanks to the user-friendly browser-based platform.

No Microsoft Word integration or plugins are required, as the questionnaire is situated outside of this program.


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More capabilities

“We spoke to various providers however, Clarilis were the ones that impressed us in terms of their capabilities.”

Jill Moore

Counsel for Legal Risk and Technology, Burness Paull

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“Many of the other providers we looked at were toolkits that you had to take away and build yourself’”

Marcos Toffanello

Head of Knowledge Management, Birketts


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