Automated CVCA / NVCA Model Document Suite

This suite combines CVCA / NVCA model form documents with Clarilis' leading drafting automation platform.  It enables fast, efficient, and risk-mitigated document production for a wide range of Venture Capital (VC) financings.

  • Reduce the time and cost associated with the preparation and review of early stage financing documents 
  • With a balanced starting point to avoid bias towards the VC or company / entrepreneur, negotiation is reduced
  • Fully maintained custom versions with full house styling

What does the CVCA / NVCA Model Documents Suite include?

CVCA / NVCA documents:

Bringing deep automation of a suite of CVCA / NVCA model form documents, for early stage financings for the Venture Capital market. 

The solution includes fully maintained automated legal documents, together with drafting guidance, to cover Series A and B financing. 


  • Term Sheet
  • Share / Stock Purchase Agreement
  • Voting Agreement
  • Investors’ Rights Agreement
  • Right of First Refusal and Co-Sale Agreement
  • Indemnification Agreement
  • Management Rights Letter
  • Articles of Amendment (CVCA)
  • Unanimous Shareholders Agreement (CVCA, based on NVCA documents)
  • Certificate of Incorporation (NVCA)

“Our automated form of the CVCA / NVCA suite aligns with the CVCA / NVCA central goal of driving further adoption and accessibility of their model form documents. This project advances standardization within the legal sector by providing a fast and efficient way for corporate lawyers to produce early stage financing documents."

James Quinn Smaller Circle-1

James Quinn, CEO, Clarilis

Why do Corporate lawyers use Clarilis?

Reduce drafting time
Drastically reduce both drafting and negotiation time
Improved Margins
Improve margin by working more efficiently
Increased Capacity
Increase capacity in busy teams
Enable Delegation
Enable delegation in a risk mitigated environment
A leveller for firms of all sizes
Driven from a single questionnaire for all documents


Clarilis CVCA / NVCA Automation Benefits:

  • Drastically reduce lawyer drafting time
  • With a balanced starting position, negotiation is drastically reduced
  • Protect margin and reduce turnaround times
  • Free up precious lawyer time from mundane drafting
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  • Provide a leveller for firms of all sizes
  • Available off-the-shelf, with no implementation required
  • Fully maintained custom versions with full house styling
  • The automation is fully maintained in line with changes to the CVCA / NVCA model form documents
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Automated CVCA - NVCA model legal document suite Factsheet

Automated CVCA / NVCA Model Form Documentation

Combining the CVCA / NVCA Model Form documents with Clarilis' best-in-class automation platform

Clarilis provides off-the-shelf, deep automation based on the highly regarded CVCA / NVCA Model Form documents.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I have it in my house style?

Yes. Firm specific customization and full house styling is available.

Click here to get in touch.

Is it secure?

Yes, Clarilis is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), is ISO 27001 certified by the British Standards Institute (BSI), and is used by the largest law firms on the planet, having passed their rigorous Infosec processes. (Click here to see some of our customers).

The Clarilis solution is hosted and processed in specified AWS regions to ensure compliance with local legislation, and the data remains within that region for both storage and processing.

You can read more about our security here.

Do I need to install anything to use Clarilis?

No, there are no plugins or software required, if you can access the internet via a browser you can use Clarilis.

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Will it work with Single Sign On ("SSO")?

Yes, Clarilis will help you set it up with your firm’s SSO system.

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