The Legal Geek Conference

Legal Geek is the go-to LegalTech event and is a celebration of all things relating to legal innovation and technology.2021 and 2022 On-Demand videos below!

Legal Geek


The event took place on the 28 -29th September 2022 and was packed full of presentations, workshops, demos and Q&A sessions. Over the two days, Clarilis showcased how our intelligent drafting platform is transforming legal service delivery and allowing law firms to support their clients beyond the provision of legal advice. You can watch the presentations in the videos below!

Wednesday 28th September

Product Pitch

Paul Dansey, Acting Chief Marketing Officer, Clarilis

What is the question that Clarilis is most commonly asked?  Watch Paul’s session to find out.  Not giving too much away here but it involves a ukulele.

Thursday 29th September

Standardisation: Building your LegalTech house on solid foundations

James Quinn, CEO, Clarilis and Richard Batstone, Senior Knowledge & Innovation Manager, Slaughter and May

The failure of LegalTech projects is all too common. How to stop LegalTech projects from failing? At Clarilis, we’ve seen that often insufficient time is spent laying the foundations on which a successful LegalTech project can be built.  This session aims to provide help and guidance on getting your processes/ foundations in order in order to minimise failed implementations.


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3 Steps to LegalTech Success

Laying the foundations for a successful LegalTech automation project is hard work. Here we outline our three steps to LegalTech success –
discover, simplify and standardise.  

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Legal Geek 2021 Recap

How an innovation culture eats drudgery for breakfast, to give lawyers a (lunch) break..

Hear how progressive firms such as Burges Salmon are using legal technology to set  themselves apart from the rest.

Watch the video below to hear about their innovation success story in a complex transactional area and the impact it has had on the firm.

On-Demand Pitch: 'What is the power of a question' - October 2021

Paul Dansey, our Customer Success Consultant, delivered a short pitch in 2021.

The pitch explored what is meant by deep automation, and how the Clarilis platform gives firms a competitive edge.

See the Clarilis platform in action with a demo