Deep automation: The differentiator for banking and finance documentation

Our first automation of complex facilities agreements was back in 2016 and, since then, we’ve automated a wide range of banking and finance agreements. Watch this video to understand more, and see a brief demonstration of the solution in action.

Banking and finance lawyers who use Clarilis can uniquely streamline the drafting of complex legal documentation.

The Clarilis platform is used extensively to automate banking and finance precedents such as:

- Leveraged Facilities Agreements
- Real Estate Finance Agreements
- Intercreditor Agreements
- Developing Markets Facilities Agreements

and more...

These deep automations are ready for customisation to meet the needs of your firm and the banks and borrowers you act for, and can be combined with your firm’s own precedents.

* Clarilis is a member of the LMA and automates LMA documentation exclusively for and provided by member firms.  Clarilis automations are not endorsed by the LMA.

Draft facilities agreements in under two hours

How Clarilis transforms banking and finance teams:

  • Increasing capacity

  • Improving margins and reducing write-offs

  • Supporting remote supervision and mentoring

  • Enabling lawyers to focus on higher value activities

  • Alleviating lawyer burn-out

  • Enabling risk mitigated delegation

  • Enhancing quality and consistency

  • Aiding recruitment and retention

Rapidly deployable, fully customisable automations for individual firms

The Clarilis approach usually starts with our extensively automated and fully maintained automations which are applied to a firm's LMA* content.

We combine this with additional Clarilis automation and provisions that client firms have requested over time. For example, single facility, different facility types, bilateralisation, single borrower etc.

Alastair Lomax, Restructuring Partner, TLT

“Clarilis is directly relevant to our complex, high-value work.
The work done with our banking team has been transformational. It's like magic. Some form of alchemy, where you hit a button and in moments see the end result of work that would have in the past taken weeks to produce.” 

Alastair Lomax, Restructuring Partner, TLT

Read Alastair's full testimonial

Customised for your needs

At Clarilis we can further customise our automation projects to meet the specific needs of our clients and the banks and borrowers that they are acting for.

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Add your firms' own precedents to achieve an exceptionally customised document suite

Your firm’s own precedents, such as legal opinions, security documents and corporate authorisations are ideal candidates for deep automation. The result is an exceptionally customised and deeply automated set of precedents for your firm.
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* Clarilis is a member of the LMA and automates LMA documentation exclusively for and provided by member firms.  Clarilis automations are not endorsed by the LMA.

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Banking and finance precedents are an ideal fit for automation!

Download today and read more about how deep automation allows banking and finance lawyers to deal with increased workload and pricing pressures by taking days out of the drafting process, thereby increasing capacity and freeing up time to focus on the parts of the deal that really make a difference.

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