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Clarilis Real Estate Plus: A win-win-win for law firms, commercial real estate lawyers and their clients

Clarilis Real Estate Plus: A win-win-win for law firms, commercial real estate lawyers and their clients

Drafting real estate documents no longer needs to start with the time-consuming mechanical aspects of drafting, which not only drains margin, but for many lawyers their joie de vivre. Clarilis Real Estate Plus removes those challenges, providing off-the-shelf suites of deeply automated commercial real estate documents – covering sales, new leases, asset management, surrenders, occupational arrangements, security of tenure, construction, and options and pre-emptions.

A powerful engine for real estate drafting 

When we launched our automated Model Commercial Lease (“MCL”) suite in 2022, the real estate legal market fed back rapidly that they wanted us to expand the MCL suite to include MCL asset management documents and to further provide a wide range of documents – not confined to leases - catering for the day to day requirements of commercial real estate lawyers.

With the benefit of our existing automated MCL suite, real estate lawyers can produce a solid draft of a commercial lease and ancillaries in minutes, or delegate the drafting to more junior lawyers with confidence. However, when it comes to drafting a property sales agreement, surrender documents, collateral warranty, or anything else outside of the MCL remit, the lawyers were previously reverting to flat precedents, manually amending clause after clause.

Clarilis customers using our MCL suite were unanimous in their feedback – they want the same benefits and streamlined drafting experience for all the documents they need to draft, not just the MCL documents and ancillaries. They want automation to cover ‘everything’ needed by their commercial real estate team. In other words, regardless of the property type or stage in the lifecycle, they want a high quality, fully maintained automation to accelerate the production of first draft documents. 

We accepted that challenge

The quality of the MCL precedents is a critical component in the success of our existing automated MCL suite, they also form the backbone of the Real Estate Plus solution. We knew that being consistent with and matching the quality of drafting and guidance was crucial for the documents not provided by the MCL -  not a task to be underestimated. So, we teamed up with the highly respected commercial real estate team from international law firm Gowling WLG to provide additional content to compliment the MCL suite and cover key additional areas.

Working together, our multi-disciplinary teams undertook the mammoth task of creating the most comprehensive, off-the-shelf real estate automation solution ever created. No clause was left unchallenged and every potential opportunity for automation was explored. The result is Clarilis Real Estate Plus – an off-the-shelf real estate automation containing more than 70 deeply automated, maintained real estate precedents, across eight different suites. Whether drafting a lease, a sale agreement, a surrender, a collateral warranty, or asset management documents with a vast library of ancillaries – Real Estate Plus gives your lawyers access to automated precedents that produce high quality first drafts in minutes. 

Clarilis Real Estate Plus is available off-the-shelf, with no implementation required. The automation and content are fully maintained, with comprehensive styling options available. The economies of scale also mean that the solution is ideal for firms of all sizes.

This offers a win-win-win solution – a win for the law firm, a win for commercial real estate lawyers, and a win for their clients. 

A win for the law firm 

Clarilis automation handles all of the routine and mechanical aspects of drafting, allowing commercial real estate teams to focus on higher value work and protect profit margins when working on fixed fees.

Ask any lawyer what’s the biggest obstacle preventing them from billing more and they will almost certainly say it’s their time. Clarilis Real Estate Plus drastically reduces the time required to produce complete suites of documents, by an average of 90%. This creates operational efficiencies that have a direct impact on a law firm’s ability to fully recover time spent and to service additional work. This is particularly relevant when working within a fixed fee competitive environment, as is typical in real estate.

A win for the lawyers

Document automation is arguably essential for modern real estate teams to better manage lawyer workloads and to improve work-life balance and job satisfaction.

In today’s volatile real estate market, increasing headcount to account for busier times doesn’t always make sense, because adapting to downturns can be problematic. As a result, when workload peaks real estate teams are under rising pressure to do more with the same resources. In other words, work longer hours – sometimes at the expense of lawyer retention. 

Clarilis Real Estate Plus helps teams adapt more fluidly to fluctuating workloads. Firstly, drafts can be produced significantly faster and with minimal lawyer input. Secondly, the depth of our automations, and the built in guidance, enables risk mitigated delegation to more junior lawyers. Finally, using automated precedents allows lawyers to focus their time and attention on the bespoke elements of a transaction – the parts that require legal prowess. So, by reducing the burden of drafting, Clarilis fast-forwards a lawyer’s involvement past the mechanical aspects of producing a first draft to the parts where individual creative legal flair can be added. 

A win for the clients

Using Clarilis, law firms are delivering an enhanced customer experience to their clients, by freeing up their lawyers’ time to focus on delivering higher-value and value-add activities.

The real estate market may be in turmoil, but client expectations continue to be sky high. Landlords and tenants expect their advisors to be using technology to turn contracts around faster and offer a growing array of value-added services. In practical terms, the more time a lawyer spends on the routine aspects of drafting, the less time they can devote to substantive analysis that makes a bigger impact on their clients’ businesses.

It is time to change how your real estate team draft

More and more real estate teams are recognising that automating the drafting process is becoming a business imperative rather than a competitive advantage – and the firms committed to substantial automation will reap the most significant rewards. Clarilis Real Estate Plus offers a fully maintained automated drafting solution across your entire commercial real estate practice, for firms of all sizes. 

To see Real Estate Plus in action please book a demonstration.

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Real Estate Documents +
Clarilis Automation = The Perfect Match

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