Law firms gain competitive advantage with intelligent drafting from Clarilis

Our intelligent drafting solution helps law firms improve margins, deploy resources more efficiently, and improve quality and consistency.


Intelligent document drafting helps law firms get a greater return on lawyers — automate so they can focus on higher value work

Instead of spending time on routine, mechanical drafting, your fee earners could be working on strategy, client relationships, and new business. Our industry-leading platform makes this possible, delivering a solid ROI for drafting automation at all levels of complexity. Clarilis allows you to automate your firm’s precedents without amendment, encouraging high levels of adoption.


Gain a competitive advantage

Clarilis greatly improves the speed, accuracy, consistency, and cost-effectiveness of document drafting, helping you to improve margins and gain a competitive advantage.

Remove risk and improve quality

Our Intelligent platform removes risk and improves quality, enabling lawyers to draft consistently high-quality documents with greater speed, efficiency, and accuracy.

Enjoy a managed service

Our team of experienced professional support lawyers and automation experts design, test and build the automation for you to ensure success.

Offer higher value to clients

Fee earners can offer greater value to clients, deliver higher quality service, strengthen client relationships, and win more business.

Measure your ROI

Rapid delivery of deep automations, backed up by monthly analysis, to deliver a demonstrable return on investment.

See strong user adoption

Clarilis’ easy-to-use and intuitive UI encourages a greater level of adoption, with dedicated support from the team.

Achieve greater consistency

Standardised, rules-based automation drives firm-wide consistency in drafting and brand adherence with built-in controls to ensure high-quality documents are produced every time.

Hire the brightest and the best

Attract and retain the best legal talent with a state-of-the-art solution that frees fee earners to focus on more rewarding activities.

Direct access for clients

We offer the option to deliver precedent automation to your clients, provided and supported by us, to enrich your offering and add greater value. Learn more.


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Discover how law firms are achieving success with Clarilis

Greater efficiency

“For us the time saved in producing complex legal documents enables us to be more efficient and more responsive.”

Sophie Brookes

Partner and Professional Support Lawyer (Corporate), Gateley Legal

Improved quality

“The automation process has enabled us to spend time focusing on the quality and consistency of our documents.”

Miri Stickland

Knowledge Development Lawyer, Forsters

Better delegation

“Helps to standardise best practice and improves delegation of work to more junior lawyers...supervision is easier.”

Emma Jackson

Client Innovation Advisor at Mills & Reeve


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