How can banking and finance teams win more business, increase capacity and improve margin?

Clarilis automates a wide range of Banking and Finance documents for a significant number of the UK Top 100 law firms. Watch this video to find out how Clarilis transforms entire Banking and Finance practices.

Please note, Clarilis is a member of the LMA and automates LMA documentation exclusively for and provided by member firms. Clarilis automations are not endorsed by the LMA.

Draft facilities agreements in under two hours

How Clarilis is transforming banking and finance teams:

  • Increase capacity

  • Improve margins

  • Support remote supervision and mentoring

  • Enable lawyers to allow focus on high value activities

  • Alleviate lawyer burn-out

  • Enable risk mitigated delegation

  • Enhance quality and consistency

  • Aid recruitment and retention

Banking and finance precedents are an ideal fit for deep automation

The more complex the matter, the greater the impact of deep automation.

Clarilis has been automating complex suites of Banking and Finance documents for years, including security packs, legal opinions and facility agreements of all types.

In the case of automated suites which include a firm's LMA* derived precedents, Clarilis leverages its extensive experience in automating these documents (including common adaptations requested by firms) to automate and enhance a firm's suite of documents.  This includes automating your firm's custom content and additional precedents.

The end result is an exceptionally customised automation with a PSL-led managed service to design, scope, implement, test and update it for you. 

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Richard Oman, Addleshaw Goddard

“Using Clarilis takes a day out of the drafting process for the first draft of a facility agreement... so we can now focus on the parts that actually make the difference to the deal, rather than spending huge amounts of time simply getting to a starting point. But it’s also about accuracy – it’s about efficiency and risk mitigation. Automated systems don't get tired in the same way that humans do, so when you’re working at pace, mistakes are fewer.” 

Richard Oman, Partner in the Addleshaw Goddard Finance Team

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Automate your firms' own precedents to achieve an exceptionally customised document suite

We automate your own precedents, such as legal opinions, security documents and corporate authorisations, all of which are ideal candidates for deep automation. Legal opinions by their very nature have hundreds of permutations of logic. They need to be automated within in a structured framework with guidance and risk control at its heart. This makes opinions the perfect candidate for automation, but the complexity involved means this is rarely achieved to any meaningful extent with traditional automation toolkits.

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“We have worked with Clarilis to automate a wide spectrum of documents including some particularly complex ones. An example would be our legal opinions, which allow the fee earners to focus on providing legal advice rather than becoming bogged down in a repetitive drafting task.”
Jill Moore
Senior Counsel for Risk
Burness Paull
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See the Clarilis platform in action

Clarilis automates a wide range of banking and finance documents, request a demo now.

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With Clarilis' on rails drafting experience, there’s simply less margin for human error.

Clarilis PSLs review your existing precedents, drafting notes and guidance and will work with you to design an automation that gathers, stores and categorise all of the key transaction data you need to generate the required suite of documents. This ensures significant time savings and greater accuracy which, in turn, facilitates delegation while mitigating risk and reducing expensive partner review time. 

There’s a long-term business benefit to complex automation if it’s maintained and enhanced by iteration over time. This is another highly valued aspect of the Clarilis PSL-led managed service.

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Give people time back to do what they do best

A certain amount of drafting work is critical to a lawyer's development, including to hone their attention to detail.

However, when a junior lawyer's day is filled with a disproportionate amount of administrative drafting tasks, they may struggle to devote sufficient time to higher value advisory work. 

Clarilis supports and liberates your lawyers, allowing them to focus on what they do best (which is not hours of routine and mechanical drafting changes).

Plus, your PSLs can devote more time to thought leadership and making sure everyone is up-to-date.

Trust in a great tech provider who also invests in experienced PSLs on your behalf, giving your PSLs more time to focus on commercial trends and what's happening in the wider market.

“Newly qualified lawyers considering their choice of firm will question the need to spend hours poring over documents when deep automation can do the same thing in a fraction of the time. This doesn’t impact your training as it is easy to still see how your answers shape a document. The Clarilis system is highly intuitive and the questionnaires used to generate drafts are easy to interpret due to the close involvement of our Clarilis PSL, who clearly knows the finance documents that we work
with inside out.”
Gareth Grand
Senior Associate, Banking and Finance
Burges Salmon



* Clarilis is a member of the LMA and automates LMA documentation exclusively for and provided by member firms.  Clarilis automations are not endorsed by the LMA.

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Banking and finance precedents are an ideal fit for automation!

Download today and read more about how deep automation allows banking and finance lawyers to deal with increased workload and pricing pressures by taking days out of the drafting process, thereby increasing capacity and freeing up time to focus on the parts of the deal that really make a difference.

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