Meet Charlotte - Professional Support Lawyer at Clarilis

Meet Charlotte - Professional Support Lawyer

October 6, 2021

Clarilis Administrator

What is your role at Clarilis?

Professional Support Lawyer. 

My role combines project-management, relationship-building and logic-writing. I take overall responsibility for delivery of a project and act as the main point of contact for a client.  The majority of my time day-to-day is split between design and testing - designing the online questionnaires, working out drafting permutations and associated logic, and then testing our automations wearing the hat of a lawyer in practice. 

How did you get into law? 

By accident really! With more of a maths and science background, a career in law was the last thing on my mind leaving school. It's only when I studied some law modules as part of my degree that I got interested. I applied for work experience and luckily got offered a training contract. The rest is history!

What attracted to you work at Clarilis? 

I fancied a change from fee earning in private practice and stumbled across the Clarilis advert whilst exploring other legal roles. The need for a detailed eye and methodical approach, coupled with the opportunity to help overhaul some very outdated processes caught my attention. Ultimately though, I got a really great feeling for the company and its culture when I came for interview.

What is the most rewarding part about working for the company? 

The reaction from clients when they see the potential of our automations. 

It's also particularly exciting to be involved with Clarilis at this stage of growth and expansion.  

Can you describe what a typical day at Clarilis looks like? 

I'm a morning person (usually!) so I try to start my day with anything complex or fiddley that requires maximum attention. Depending on where we are in a project cycle, that could be some complex logic-writing or testing some particularly fiddley automated drafting. 

After that, I may join our Commercial team on a demonstration with a prospective client or deliver some online training to an existing client. 

I also usually have at least one internal project on the go. For example, preparing know-how or inputting into new processes. 

I often end the day with an email to a client informing them that their project or requested update is now available for their use. After that, I will log-off for the evening. There isn't a culture of long hours or late nights here. 

How have you found coming back to work since being on maternity? 

It's honestly been great! So lovely to reconnect with colleagues and clients and to get back into projects. I work a flexible, four-day week, which I think strikes the right balance for me as a working mum. 

Do you have any tips for those looking to start a career in legal technology? 

As for any career, it is good to try to get as much experience as you can.  Apply for placements, go to events, reach out to people. There is such a diverse range of roles within the legal profession now. Don't feel put off if you don't have a background in law or technology – often having the right attitude and a fresh perspective is just as valuable.  

What is the most prominent lesson you have learnt during your career? 

Trust your instincts – if something doesn't feel right, it probably isn’t. 

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