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A Value Analysis report can quantify the ROI and value of automation for your firm or organisation. Use the report to establish or enhance your business case or to better understand if deep automation is right for you.


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How do I get my Value Analysis Report?

A 30 minute discovery session with one of our team results in an instant report that will be sent to you same day. This will cover so much more than time savings, it calculates a full impact analysis from reduced time to first draft, to improved margins and predicted increases in recovery rates.

Why do you need one?

Law firms who realise the full benefits of deep automated drafting don't focus solely on the time savings, although they can be compelling (reducing the time to first draft by 90%). Firms can work with Clarilis to quantify the overall value of automation (without obligation).

Why do you need it now?

Margins are being squeezed, competition is increasing, burnout is more common, wellbeing is at risk and client expectations are higher than ever before.

What's the solution?

We are often asked to quantify the value that deep automation delivers to law firms in the context of their practice. We have created a Value Analysis (VA) tool to do exactly that.

The VA tool creates a customised report to quantify the overall value to be derived from automating a particular suite or suites of documents. This report can be a valuable contribution to a business case for automation. It also acts as a great vehicle to communicate the potential value of innovation with colleagues, with a focus on tangible business outcomes.


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What will my Value Analysis report include?

You will receive a detailed VA report that quantifies improvements to be made to client turnaround time, impact on margin and identifies both the reallocation of effort and potential revenue opportunities arising from avoiding the wastage in your existing processes.

This ensures better understanding of the impact of deep automation for your firm and how to increase billable hours, reduce annual costs, increase client satisfaction and your competitive edge. It makes compelling reading!

Your VA Report will include;

  • Reduced time to first draft by c. 90%
  • Reduced review time 
  • Improved turnaround times
  • Improved margins
  • Higher recovery rates
  • Reduced costs


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