Intelligent Drafting for Real Estate

Real estate transactions are document-heavy, with suites of well-developed precedents that are ideal candidates for automation.

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Real Estate Documents +
Clarilis Automation = The Perfect Match

Real estate teams are under pressure to do more with the same resources. Download our eGuide today and read more about how law firms using Clarilis create high quality first drafts of commercial leases and all associated documents in minutes.

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Automation for all types of real estate transactions

The Clarilis platform is a perfect match for real estate teams. Clarilis models entire real estate matters in order to draft large suites of documents, rather than automating one document at a time. This highly structured approach has the power to radically reduce the time it takes to draft entire suites of complex documents - typically by 90% on the first draft of the primary agreement and 100% on ancillaries. The time this gives back to lawyers drafting a sale or lease suite for example, has significant impact on both the lawyer and client experience.

Clarilis has developed a market ready automation of the Model Commercial Lease (MCL) suite as an integral component of its wider automation offering to real estate teams. This specific standardisation project focuses on law firms acting for landlords, investors, corporate occupiers as well as generalist real estate practices.

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"Freeing up lawyers to allow them to focus on the more complex legal issues that sit at the heart of a transaction can only ever help to drive up quality.”
Miri Stickland, Head of Knowledge, Forsters

How to get ahead in a competitive environment

Our lawyer-led team supports law firms acting for landlords, investors, corporate occupiers and also  generalist real estate practices. We deliver automated lease suites, sale suites and specific automations focusing on individual client requirements. The combination of experienced Clarilis Professional Support Lawyers (PSLs) and our market-leading intelligent drafting platform, has proved invaluable to lawyers facing competitive and client pressures, especially if in a fixed fee environment. Risk-mitigated delegation, with less margin for human error, has dramatically reduced the amount of time and resource needed to get ahead and stay ahead.

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Model Commercial Lease Documentation

In addition to the fully bespoke real estate automations described below, Clarilis also provides off-the-shelf, deep automation based on the Model Commercial Lease (“MCL”) template commercial leases and associated documents.

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Release more lawyer time for higher margin work

Our matter-based intelligent drafting platform helps law firms improve the speed, accuracy, consistency and cost-effectiveness of document drafting. Clarilis helps law firms improve margins and to gain (and keep) a competitive edge.

Clarilis has many years’ experience of automating sophisticated suites of real estate precedents, for leading firms such as Travers Smith, Shakespeare Martineau, Forsters and Birketts. The Clarilis PSLs, who work closely with our clients, have a wealth of knowledge and expertise from many years in practice – on average our PSLs have more than 15 years' PQE. All communication from scope and design, through to implementation and updates is lawyer-to-lawyer and the whole team utilises its experience from both private practice and previous Clarilis real estate projects to ensure the continued success of your automation project.

“Clarilis’ proposition appealed to us as a business that doesn’t have endless resource in our legal support function. Many of the other providers we looked at offered toolkits that you had to take away and build yourself. So for us Clarilis’ managed service approach was refreshing as we knew that we didn’t have the resources in-house in terms of our PSLs and their time nor the automation skills.”
Marcos Toffanello, Head of Knowledge Management, Birketts
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Don’t get left behind

Don’t get left behind with manual drafting or small scale automation toolkits. Stay ahead when it comes to anticipating and reacting to market demand.

The pandemic changed the shape of the real estate market as the world stepped away from large offices and city centres/retail parks. The future of retail, for example, does not rest in the hands of the landlords and tenants alone, lawyers have a significant role to play in shaping a sustainable environment that will allow retail to flourish in the years ahead. What is clear is that the pace of change in e-commerce, retail and consumer behaviour is unprecedented and landlords and their tenants cannot afford for their respective businesses to be left behind in the digital stone age.



“I take overall responsibility for delivery of a project and act as the main point of contact for a client. The majority of my time day-to-day is split between design and testing - designing the online questionnaires, working out drafting permutations and associated logic, and then testing our automations wearing the hat of a real estate lawyer in practice.”
Charlotte Dwight, Professional Support Lawyer, Clarilis

With more hybrid models for home/office working, landlords and tenants have adapted to shifting demands. Shorter leases are more common and deal volumes are increasing. Heightened timing pressures and shortened turnaround times mean that there is no room for inefficiency. Intelligent drafting can significantly reduce the time spent drafting for example long or short form leases or deeds of variation. Automation also facilitates risk-mitigated delegation to more junior fee earners, freeing hours for senior lawyers to deliver higher-value strategic advice.

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Intelligent drafting for real estate matters

Automation of real estate documents including:

  • Agreements for lease
  • SPAs
  • Rent deposit deeds
  • Transfers / assignments
  • Option agreements

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