Testimonials: How the power of Clarilis helps
our customers reach new heights

“We want more of our complex document suites on the Clarilis platform to share the benefits of the time and cost savings across the wider firm in more aspects of our business.”

Chris Taylor, Corporate Law Partner, Addleshaw Goddard

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Chris Taylor Testimonial

“We can move forward quicker and we use this competitive advantage to move other parties in the transaction forward as well. This not only delivers shorter timescales, but also gives clients a greater sense of certainty.”

Andrew Webber, Corporate Law Partner, TLT

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“The benefits of Clarilis' advanced drafting automation have diminished the disruption presented by lockdown and enabled the firm’s transactional practices to reinforce our market-leading position. This approach has made us much more efficient during deals. We are freeing up lawyers at all levels to work on the really important stuff.”

Peter Lawson - Chair, Burness Paull

“Law is a personal business. Do not innovate for the sake if it. Automate the right things and free the professionals to focus on what they do best; business acumen, benefit of experience, empathy...”

Sam Moore - Innovation Manager at Burness Paull

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“Nobody really wants to be that lawyer sitting there at 2 am looking for ‘seller’ rather than ‘sellers’ in the document. There is another way!”

Karen Hendy - Head of Corporate at RPC

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“It's like magic, or some strange form of alchemy, where you hit a button and suddenly, you're presented with a suite of documents."

 Alastair Lomax - Restructuring Partner at TLT 

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“We believe Clarilis to be the solution that provides the most comprehensive level of automation, combined with guaranteed delivery, a strong return on investment and good value for money. Our use of Clarilis will enable us to continue to provide outstanding client service and further enhance our competitive position in the legal market.”

Eileen Burns - Head of Technology and Innovation Services and Chief Digital Officer, Arthur Cox